FAQ & Video Tutorials

 What type of heating system is used in Big-E™?

A patent pending, proprietary glazed convection and conduction ceramic heating element is inserted into a quartz glass bowl for heating of the aromatic concentrates.

How is the temperature for the Big-E™ adjusted?

Temperatures are adjustable by pressing the + and – buttons on the industrial control panel. The quart glass bowl temperature is maintained using an advanced microcontroller and accurate temperature sensor.

What kinds of materials work best in the Big-E™?

Concentrated aromatics work best with the quartz glass bowl.

What sized water pipes will work with our Big-E® base? 

The adjustable clamping jaws allow the base to attached to any flat bottom water pipe that is between: 2.5” (63mm) and 5.2” (131mm) in diameter and having a base thickness of 0.21” (5.3mm) to 4.2” (10mm). There is a convenient measuring tool we included on the packaging to test your base.

What if my glass is 14mm male?

We have a 14mm female quartz glass piece included.

What if my glass is 14mm female?

We have a 14mm male quartz glass piece included.

What if my glass is 18mm female?

We have a 14mm female to 18mm male adapter included.

Does the quartz glass require a butane torch or can it work with a butane torch?

The included quartz glass is powered by a specialized ceramic heating element and upon the ceramic heating element being removed from our provided quartz glass, the quartz glass can be heated with a torch. BUT NEVER the ceramic heating element.

What is the maximum temperature of the quartz glass bowl? 

For normal operation if can go as high as 750F and higher in cleaning mode.

Can I use liquids with the quartz bowl? 

The heating element is not designed for working with liquids as they may boil and cause harm. Ideally aromatic concentrates that are of a waxy consistency are ideal.

Can the Big-E™ be used while charging?

Yes! Our versatile design means we included pass through charging and you can keep using your Big-E™ while it recharges, however the recharging is limited to 18W and so at certain temperatures it will require more power than the charger can provide.

How long does a battery charge last?

The BIG-E™lasts for approximately two hours (of continuous use when fully charged which depends on the heating temperature of the quartz glass – the higher the heat, the more energy required). Standby mode ensures battery saving performance.

How long does it take to charge?

The BIG-E™ will fully charge in about three hours using the provided USB charger.

What voltage is the USB C wall charger?

The wall charger is a specialized quick charger that will communicate with our electronics in the adjustable base and provides a higher charging voltage than normal USB.

Why is USB C used for the recharging? 

USB C is the next generation of recharging. USB C has two major advantages in that the recharging connector can be flipped in either direction for insertion into the receptacle as well as it provides for higher voltages than conventional USB to be supplied for the recharging process.

Will a conventional USB work for recharging of the Clamp on Base? 

Yes but its not recommended as it will take longer.

Can I recharge my other devices using the Clamp on Base?

Yes! We have included a USB output port for doing such a thing (the cable to connect to your phone is not included), or you can also connect an external USB light (not included).

How many batteries are in the Big-E™?

Four x 3300mAh 18650 rechargeable batteries contained in the adjustable clamping base.

Are the batteries replaceable?

The rechargeable batteries are replaceable using a small Philips screwdriver (not included).

How do I clean the quartz glass bowl after use?

Turn on cleaning mode and then any excess aromatic concentrates will be incinerated. Follow with cleaning the quartz glass in alcohol or other cleaning solutions (not included).

Does BIG-E™ feature automatic shut-off?
There is an automatic shutoff as well as a power saving mode in order to not waste power. As a safety feature, a sensor has been added to detect when Big-E™ is not upright (i.e. has been knocked over) and will automatically power off.

What if the Big-E base tips over?

A sensor inside the base of Big-E™ detects being knocked over and disables all power to the ceramic heating element.

How do I enter cleaning mode?

Ensure that the Big-E™ is heated, the indicator LED is green, the wall adapter is plugged in and the USB-C charging cable is connected and then press the GO-Button and the plus (+) on the control panel to enter cleaning mode. The indicator LED will flash purple when in cleaning mode. 

How long is the warranty of the Big-E™?

The warranty is for a period of two years for the Big-E™ base and the ceramic heating element is protected for three months. Quartz glass parts supplied with Big-E™ are not warrantied against breakage.